Universal Tips To Web Design

You might have great products and great content, but without the correct web design, your website would not be successful. Most businesses in Malaysia are now online, and to compete with all of that, having website is not an option, it is a must. Web Design Malaysia has been developing rapidly to cater for the demand in the country. So what can you do to level up your website? Here are some universal tips from Web Design Malaysia.

  • Clear navigation

Website navigation has a function as a map to get user from one point to the other. As a website owner, of course you would want your visitors to explore all of your pages, not just the homepage. To achieve that goal, you should put clear navigation in your website. Some tips are to use dropdown menus for essential information only, ensure logo is clickable to go to homepage, and have your contact details available on every page.

  • Design on a grid

Grid system has been around since a long time, it helps you to make sure your content, including any image, button, and text are aligned. It is a tool to help you tidy up your elements placement.

  • Quality photos

Photos is on one of website elements that can make or break the website. Low quality photos would easily make visitors to bounce out from your site and never return. It would be easier to hire a professional photographers to shoot your product and shoot other related objects you want to use in your website.

  • Limit fonts

You might want to use more than one type of fonts in your website to emphasize some part of the content. But too many fonts would look messy. The rule of thumb is to not use more than three fonts; one for headers, one for body, and another for accent font. Use the accent font sparingly, do not overuse it.

Web Design Malaysia uses all the tips above in creating a website design, and you should too. Creating a website incorporates some design principles and we should follow it religiously.